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David Pipes


이름: David Pipes

국적: 영국/호주

머리: 짙은 금발


언어영어, 한국어 (중급)



Modeling and Acting 


2006-2008 – Sydney, Australia

Sydney Theater Company

Worked alongside Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett


2010-2016 – Seoul, Korea

MBC Surprise – played different roles and characters


2016 – Seoul, Korea

May                 CF for 한미은행 (USA)

April                Tax office CF Foreign client

March              Movie ‘아가씨’– Voice over (post-production work)

                      EBS Documentary '안전블랙박스' 3회–‘Jeff(Ghost story)

                      Documentary ‘싸인’ 140회– Hitler (main role)

                      Movie‘국가대표 2’– Sports announcer


February         IOC Ice Skating Official Promo video for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics

                      Movie‘인천상룍작전’– Extra role as a soldier

                      (Break from work due to trip home to Australia)

                      Drama ‘장사의신–객주 2015’– 41회– Foreign  townsperson


January           Movie‘밀정’– Train passenger with 한지민

                      Samsung SM6 promotional video Renault-Samsung Korea CEO Francois Provost

                      Movie‘인천상룍작전’– Ship captain alongside Liam Neeson as General MacArthur

                      Drama  ‘마담앙트완’ 10회– BBC Journalist


December         Samsung SDS promotional video

                      Movie ‘부활’ – Father

                      현대백화점 – Santa event


November         Movie ‘형’ – Judo judge

                      JTBC drama ‘마담 앙트완’ 1회 – British reporter interviewing character played by 성준

                      Company video Silver Tail Rangers playing a US Army General in Afghanistan

                      Samsung Conference Technology CF

                      Web drama ‘스완’ – doctor

                      Movie – ‘바운티 헌터즈’ – Reporter


October MBC drama ‘그녀는 에뻤다’ 10 - Played David alongside 고준희

                      Movie ‘아가씨’ by 박찬욱  - Cruise ship passenger with 김민희

                      Movie ‘귀신의 향기’ – Doctor saving the life of the character played by 강경준

                      Hyundai Detroit Auto Show commercial

                      KBS documentary ‘조선을 사랑한 의사 어비신 42년의 기록’ – Missionary doctor

                      KBS drama ‘오마이 비너스’ 1회 – Police Officer


September        Movie ‘오빠생각’ as General Smith. Alongside 임시완

                      MBC Drama ‘딱너같은딸’ 85+86회– Buyer. Scenes with 이수경

                      SBS drama ‘마을–아치아라의비밀’ 1회–Businessman

                      SBS reality show ‘정글의법칙’ 1 of new series Robert Lewis Stevenson

                      KBS World documentary Wonders of Korea’– Cooking show with 박연경

                      SBS drama ‘애인있어요’ 12회 – Businessman with 박한별

                      KBS drama ‘태양의후예’ 7 (2016) Reporter with 이승준 and 전수진


August             LG display Promotional Video for Europes IFA exhibition

                      View 1 Fusion Arc Wire Splicer Promotional Video              

                      EBS ‘다큐프라임패권의비밀’– William III of England

                      EBS ‘다큐프라임 Democracy’– Sir Charles Trevelyan


Special Skills

Car driving

Guitar playing

Drum playing


English native

Korean intermediate